Puebla, Mexico!

Mama I made it! 

So I have been in Mexico for a little over a week and I am just now starting to blog. Settling in took longer than expected and there have been some surprises on the way! I am also working on editing video faster. My first (and very short) video can be found here:

Puebla, Mexico! 

and my second is here:

"second week"  ...This is still process so bear with me as I get better! 

Getting to Mexico: 

I left Boston bright eyed, and bushy tailed- with a head full of heavy braids! My attempt at cutting them (20 minutes before I had to be at the airport) only furthered my hair issues as the ends looked horrendous. The panic from horrible hair before a month long trip almost caused an emotional break down- but alas I survived ( I took out all the braids and I'm rocking some curls) 

Everything was going smooth- I made it through airport security (even though I was stopped to have my back patted down multiple times- its called a bra strap Mr. / Ms. Security officer person). But just when the Disney birds began to chirp and rainbows were spreading across the sky my flight (an hour and a half away from my destination) was turned around back to the US! A faulty window defroster was to blame. I'd rather be safe so I'm not complaining but this was a turning point in the trip...

After 11 hours, a short hotel nap, and a $12.00 dinner voucher, I was on my way to Puebla yet again. I arrived a day late, exhausted, sleep deprived, and starving. But I made it! Im not going to lie the home does not have much curb appeal. So when my taxi pulled down the street to my soon to be home the city girl in me was feeling a little uneasy...But once I opened the gates it was like a little red castle oasis. I ate some much needed food, settled in, and said hello to my new roommates (Shout out to Samantha).

Class/ Oh wait class is in spanish?!:

I started class the next day and yet again the magic was all around. Pixie dust fell from the sky as I imagined learning gold leafing techniques at the Santa Monica Religious Museum. Upon my arrival- to my surprise, I was informed that class would be in spanish ( with the help of an interpreter). This is a challenge- I knew basic spanish, enough to get by. But art terms? History terms? It's working out but it's a challenge, and sometimes the teacher forgets I'm not fluent in talks for 20 plus minutes without stopping for a translation. Needled to say, I'm getting better at understanding some spanish (investing in some Rosetta when I get back) 

Im learning some amazing techniques though. I learned how to work with Japanese paper, printmaking on gold leaf, and I am currently learning to mix rabbit glue (I feel bad for the bunny too)  and stucco for a large gilded piece. 

What I am really excited about is the conversations I'm having with the teacher and his interns (university students). We have talked about Mexican history, Gender, Race, Class, Art symbolism and many more stimulating conversation that feed my curious mind. Now- we don't always agree on things but I'm loving it nonetheless. 


Three words, The Museum Amparo. Two words, FLEA MARKET. One word, FOOD. All amazing. (documented in the video !) The weekend was free styled, and I finally got to see the city- and stuff my face a bit. The conversion rate has allowed me to tantalize my taste pallet in the best of ways- on a budget. 

So besides my workshop, I have weekly meetings to talk about my work. This is what I will blog about next...Its very very very helpful but these meetings are also challenging, and I will explain why. Check back Soon!